Russell Westbrook: "A Championship Don't Change My Life. I'm Happy."

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In a recent segment on ESPN's First Take, Stephen A. Smith explained how Russell Westbrook's impressive numbers don't mean anything to him without a Championship.

Smith was rightfully put off by the Wizards' current record (17-19), and puts much of the blame on Russ for his failure to lead and step up for his team. He also pointed back at Westbrook's history, citing his failure to win even with some historically great teammates (KD, James Harden, and now Bradley Beal). In response, Russ didn't exactly highlight his desire to win. Instead, he showed contentment and peace with his accomplishments, playing down the notion that his actions matter less without a title to his name.

So, what does this mean for Russ? Simply that his attitude will not change amid growing criticism. He considers himself a Champion, even if the rest of the world doesn't.

And, no matter your opinion on the subject, it's impossible to deny that Westbrook still has plenty of things to be proud of.