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Russell Westbrook Announces New "Mama's Style" Jordans: "My Mom Is Who First Got Me Into Fashion And Nobody Can Shop And Find A Deal Like Her..."

“Mama’s Style”

Behind the scenes, Russell Westbrook is facing scrutiny from all corners as he fends off the haters and aims to check those who continue to bring down his name.

But on Twitter on Monday, Russ made headlines for a completely different reason: the latest release of his sneaker line, which is a pair of Jordans inspired by his mom.

Here's what he posted on his social media:

My mom is who first got me into fashion & nobody can shop & find a deal like her! This shoe is inspired by her & all the times we would go shopping at all the Swap Meets in la. She had a favorite line that I still use lol…”WE CANT BE THAT PRICE”.

Anybody that know my mom then they know lol.

“Mama’s Style” out now. 

It's an interesting and highly unique design that should appeal to millions of sneakerheads around the globe. For as much as Westbrook might be struggling on the court, his shoe game is still top tier -- and that's saying a lot.

Unfortunately, he's going to have to come up with more than a new sneaker design to save his legacy. As the biggest scapegoat for the Lakers, he has been at the front and center of trade rumors all summer long, and not everybody is a fan of how the situation is being handled.

“When these headlines hit or certain news hits the wire, sometimes you gotta take a step back and say, ‘Why would this be put out?’ I get pissed when they always have Russell Westbrook’s news like ‘This package went, they declined it," said Andre Iguodala. "This team declined Russell Westbrook, this team declined Russell Westbrook... What are you really trying to do to this man? What did he do to y’all? ‘Cause, y’all just constantly keep doing this. What are you trying to accomplish?”

Westbrook isn't the player he used to be. His play on the court has taken a dip and fans aren't nearly as high on him as before.

While Russ has shown some frustration, he has kept it together for the most part. Here is to hoping for better days ahead, and that these new Jordans mark the start of a new era for the star point guard.