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Russell Westbrook Denies Playing For The Lakers Was A Childhood Dream For Him

Russell Westbrook Denies Playing For The Lakers Was A Childhood Dream For Him

When Russell Westbrook arrived in Los Angeles, many believed that this would be a dream come true for him. Westbrook was born and raised in Los Angeles, and given his love for basketball, most fans assumed that he grew up supporting and loving the Lakers. And while Westbrook may have enjoyed being around his hometown, it wasn't his dream to play for the Lakers.

In his exit interview, Russell Westbrook spoke about his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Westbrook was asked about the opportunity to play with the Los Angeles Lakers, and represent his hometown NBA franchise. But Westbrook noted that he never dreamed as a child about playing for the Lakers, but rather, he wanted to play in the NBA, and he feels very privileged for the career he has been able to have.

Russell Westbrook disagrees that playing for the Lakers was a childhood dream, says he never even dreamt of playing in the NBA. Calls it an unbelievable blessing but not something that he dreamed of growing up

Russell Westbrook spoke in the past about joining the Lakers, noting that he secretly always wanted to play for the Lakers, considering that they represent his hometown. Westbrook's comments will probably not go down well with Laker Nation, as the fanbase has already grown frustrated with the way Westbrook has performed and the way he has seemingly shrugged responsibility.

The Los Angeles Lakers will be looking at potentially moving Russell Westbrook in the offseason. That will not be easy, as Westbrook has a $47 million player option that he is expected to take. That kind of salary for a player like Westbrook, who underperformed massively last season, will be very difficult for any team in the league to stomach. The Lakers will have to work hard to get Westbrook off the books.