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Russell Westbrook Explains What Happened Between Him And Rajon Rondo: “Honestly, It’s More On Me. I Cannot Allow Myself To Stoop Down To Anybody’s Level. That’s Not My Character, Who I Am.”

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

Russell Westbrook isn't having the best tenure with the Washington Wizards this season despite the high expectations everybody had about them during the offseason. The point guard was expected to make a great partnership with Bradley Beal but none of that has happened so far.

To make things worse, Westbrook hasn't behaved in recent games, first going at it with John Wall and then with Rajon Rondo, getting technical fouls on each occasion. He was ejected from Friday's game against the Atlanta Hawks after his altercation with Rondo. Brodie explained what happened after the match, taking the blame for all of that, saying that's not who he is.

"Ah, sh**. Honestly, it’s more on me. I cannot allow myself to stoop down to anybody’s level. That’s not my character, who I am…" He told reporters.

As stated before, this isn't the first time the player has been involved in these controversies. The Wizards are the worst team in the league and everybody on the team is frustrated with their performances. What started as a very promising season for the Capital team has turned into a complete nightmare.

Westbrook is a great competitor and he's trying to make his team better but things haven't clicked for him this campaign.