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Russell Westbrook Isn't Worried About His Form: "The Word Slump Is Not Something I Lean On... I'll Figure It Out And That's That."

Russell Westbrook Wants The Lakers To Accept The Challenge: “When Everybody’s Playing The Los Angeles Lakers, We’re Going To Get Everybody’s Best Shot"

Russell Westbrook had yet another disappointing performance with the Los Angeles Lakers. For the third game in a row, Westbrook put up less than 10 points and had a terrible shooting night as the Lakers lost their second game in a row, this time, to the Sacramento Kings.

Westbrook had a highly inefficient 8 points on 2/14 shooting, something NBA fans roasted him for. On top of that, his numbers show that he hasn't made a three-pointer since December 29th. Clearly, Westbrook is in an incredibly poor run of form. But it appears he isn't concerned about it.

After the Lakers' loss to the Sacramento Kings, Russell Westbrook was asked about his shooting slump over the last few games. Westbrook said that he doesn't give too much power to a word like 'slump' these days, and he is confident about the fact that he will find his form back eventually. 

"The word slump is not something I lean on. ... I'll figure it out and that's that."

LeBron James himself came out and defended Russell Westbrook, as he just instructed him to keep working and not pay too much mind to the slump he is in. The Sacramento Kings made fun of Westbrook's poor form, mocking him with 'You're As Cold As Ice' during the game. Westbrook had an incredibly apt response after the game to the Kings, reminding them of their long playoff drought.

Regardless of what he thinks, Westbrook's form has started to become a serious problem for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers brought Russell Westbrook to LA in order to secure their third star and help win an NBA championship. But as things stand, the team doesn't even look like they will be able to win a playoff series. Things need to change really fast for Westbrook and the Lakers.