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Russell Westbrook: "Like I Said Last Week, I'm The Best Playmaker In This League."

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Magic Johnson On Russell Westbrook- "He Gets All These Triple-Doubles, But You Don’t See Him On The Highlights..."

Russell Westbrook has recently broken Oscar Robertson's record for all-time triple-doubles, despite the game itself resulting in a loss. While we have come to expect greatness from Russell Westbrook, it is insane how he can simply put up crazy statistics every game, and just go out and will himself into a triple-double. 

One of the key aspects of Russell Westbrook's game is his playmaking. Setting up his teammates for easy shots is a key part of Russell Westbrook's game, and during his recent game against the Atlanta Hawks, he tallied 21 assists, and he is averaging 15.3 APG. 

When it comes to the best passers in the league, Russell Westbrook's name has to be on there: that much can be seen from his ability to rack up assists. While not many consider him the top playmaker in the league, Westbrook is confident in his own ability and believes that he is the best in that category.

There is no doubt that Russell Westbrook is elite at creating opportunities for others. His scoring threat at the rim makes it hard for most players to guard him one on one when he's driving, and as a result, defenses are forced to collapse to stop him from scoring. That lets Westbrook use his vision in order to find his wide-open teammates. Russell Westbrook is definitely an amazing passer, and his ability to score but also run the offense is nothing short of superhuman.

The Washington Wizards will need Russell Westbrook to continue his triple-double rampage into the playoffs. Russell Westbrook has been a key part of the Wizards' recent resurgence, and he will continue to be important for them during the playoffs.