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Russell Westbrook Looks Jacked As He Puts In Work During NBA's Suspension

(via @justtrain)

(via @justtrain)

Despite all the criticisms surrounding Russell Westbrook, nobody questions his work ethic. Every time he steps on the court, he gives 110% and that passion translates into the offseason as well.

Amid the NBA hiatus, Russ is not playing 2k or linking up on video live streams -- instead, he's working. A recent video captured one of his workouts, and it's clear the dude has been keeping himself busy these past few weeks.

It's only his first season in Houston, but the star guard is already making his presence felt. This season, he's averaging 27.5 points, 8 rebounds, and 7.0 assists per game on 47% shooting. In the wake of major struggles by James Harden, Russ has been keeping the team's head above water.

Before action paused, they were 6th in the West with a 40-24 record. After trading Clint Capela in favor of a no-center lineup, the team had to make a major adjustment that left many wondering just how high their ceiling was in the postseason.

It's true that to even come close to securing a Championship, the team will have to overcome a number of obstacles. But so long as Russ continues to work as he has, they'll always have a fighting chance.