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Russell Westbrook On Carmelo Anthony: 'He Is A Hall Of Famer. He's An Unbelievable Teammate.'

(via Oregon Live)

(via Oregon Live)

Carmelo Anthony has been one of the best stories in the Orlando bubble. Since the NBA resumed play, the veteran forward hasn't stopped now is one of the sensations at the bubble, especially after two clutch performances in the last two games. Last night, the Portland Trail Blazers took on the Houston Rockets and even though Melo wasn't the most prolific scorer for his team, he showed up with it mattered the most, again.

The Blazers won a very important game 110-102 with Anthony scoring 15 points and getting 11 rebounds. His performance earned him a lot of praise from his teammates and rivals. Damian Lillard called him a Hall of Famer during his post-game interview, explaining that it was shocking that people were surprised by a clutch moment from Melo.

Moreover, Melo's former teammate Russell Westbrook talked about the veteran forward, praising him for his game and also calling him a Hall of Famer. Anthony and Westbrook played together for the Oklahoma City Thunder a couple of years ago.

"Melo is a Hall of Famer, man,” Westbrook said of Anthony, via Ben Golliver. “He’s an unbelievable teammate. It’s always good to see him do well, play well. He belongs in this league. He’s shown that time in and time out.”

The Trail Blazers are doing just fine in the bubble. Things are falling into place for them in their quest for the playoffs. Now the difference between them and the Memphis Grizzlies is just one game and the fight for that spot will get harder now.