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Russell Westbrook On His Hometown Lakers Fans Booing Him On Homecourt: "It's A Sign Of Respect."

Russell Westbrook Says He Won't Allow People To Call Him 'Westbrick' Anymore: "Westbrick To Me Now Is Shaming. Shaming My Name And My Legacy For My Kids."

Russell Westbrook has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism from fans and analysts recently. Westbrook has been in a very poor run of form, has been playing very poorly, and has cost the Los Angeles Lakers a lot of games due to his poor shooting performances in this last run of games.

Things have gotten so bad that fans of the Los Angeles Lakers who attend games at the Arena have begun to boo Russell Westbrook and even yelled at him to not take jump shots. This happened recently when the Los Angeles Lakers played against the New York Knicks.

Westbrook was asked about this during the post-game press conference after the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Milwaukee Bucks. Westbrook gave a coy, slightly defensive, and sarcastic response to the reporter, noting that it is a great sign of respect from the fans toward him.

"It's a sign of respect."

Westbrook had a lot of things to say in the post-game press conference. During the closing stages of the game, Westbrook was caught consoling LeBron James and Anthony Davis, something he was made fun of by fans online. After the game, he explained that he told LeBron and AD that he wished he could've helped them.

On top of that, he called out Frank Vogel for benching him during the fourth quarter of the last 2 games, noting that he can't get a solid understanding of the game due to unpredictable entries and exits from the game. Clearly, Westbrook is very frustrated with the way things are going.

Recently, Westbrook also called out the media for constantly questioning him when he puts up bad numbers but doesn't get the praise he thinks he deserves when he plays well for the Lakers. But as things stand, Westbrook has not been playing well at all, and hasn't been getting any paise.