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Russell Westbrook On His Poor Performances This Season: “I’m Definitely Not Where I Need To Be In All Aspects. I Just Gotta Be Better And Get My Sh*t Together.”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Russell Westbrook has been struggling in the NBA since he left the Oklahoma City Thunder and joined the Houston Rockets. Now that he's with the Washington Wizards, things have gotten worse for the point guard. His team is now 3-9 and Westbrook isn't showing any improvement in his game.

That is raising some concerns within the team and Russ himself has admitted he needs to step up or it will be very hard to compete in the difficult Eastern Conference. After the Wizards lost to the San Antonio Spurs, 121-101, Westbrook reflected on his level, admitting he can be better and he must be.

“I’m definitely not where I need to be in all aspects. I just gotta be better and get my sh*t together," Westbrook said after the game, which meant the 9th loss of the season for the 14th ranked Wizards.

There is a stat that shows the Wizards are 2-2 without Westbrook on the floor and 1-7 with him playing. Something must change for Washington if they want to turn things around and make a run in the Eastern Conference this year. Bradley Beal, as usual, has been balling this season but he hasn't been lucky with this team.

Westbrook wants to get better and he has the tools to do so. The Wizards need him to climb positions on the standings.