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Russell Westbrook On if He's Cool With Joel Embiid: "F--- No."


Last season Russ and Joel Embiid had a bit of a feud going on, demonstrated by the OKC point guard waving goodbye to the Sixers center after ending the game.

Then there was the time Embiid posterized Westbrook nd stared at him as he ran back up the floor. Their most recent encounter came on a fast break, where the two collided on a play.

No doubt, it's a hard foul on Westbrook, one that some would consider over-excessive, and that he put Russ in a bad position to start with. In Embiid's defense, he had already taken off from the floor when Westbrook lost control of the ball and went off course. As predicted, Russ was extremely mad, and even had to be restrained by the team after the play. When Russ was later rejected, Embiid decided to troll him by waving goodbye.

There was more beef after the game when Westbrook was asked if he was "cool" with Embiid, to which the star point guard emphatically denied.

And, of course, Embiid responded, claiming Russ is always hurt about something.

These two teams clearly have some history, and it'll be interesting to see how it develops in the future. With Russ and Embiid both making their case for MVP this year, they both have a lot to look forward to as the postseason nears. As for the rest of us, we'll just be looking for the next time they play each other. It'll be a date we'll all be circling on the calendar.