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Russell Westbrook Receives Major Criticism After Going Down 3-1 To The Utah Jazz


When the OKC Thunder first assembled their "big-three," they did so with Championship expectations. In their mind, it was chip or bust. And for most, that wasn't an unreasonable expectation.

But over half a year later, and more than 82 games though, those expectations must seem like a far-fetched dream now.

After losing Monday's game in Salt Lake City, the Thunder are now facing a 3-1 series deficit. Unless they can climb back from this intimidating hole, they'll be going home early to a team with no real superstar.

In the midst of all this stands Russell Westbrook, who has received much criticism for the team's current situation. One example is Tom Haberstroh, who used the occasion to stress Westbrook's flaws:


While it's hard to deny the premise that some have gotten better when they leave Russ, this might be going a bit too far.