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Russell Westbrook Seen Working On A New Jumpshot And Practicing Threes

Russell Westbrook Seen Working On A New Jumpshot And Practicing Threes

With Russell Westbrook joining the Los Angeles Lakers this upcoming season, the weight of expectations will be higher than it has been for years. Despite Westbrook being a former MVP, Westbrook's flaws have been on full display for quite some time now.

Most notably, Westbrook is a poor jump shooter, and can't make consistent mid-range or long-range shots. Westbrook is excellent when it comes to taking the ball to the hoop, but he can't be relied upon to regularly make his jump shots. 

Westbrook has never relied on his shooting ability to bolster his scoring. Brodie is one of the most athletic point guards in NBA history and uses that athleticism to take the ball to the hoop and score from high-percentage shots.

While new teammates Anthony Davis and LeBron James have shown improved their long-range shooting, they cannot compensate for Westbrook's inconsistent shooting. But maybe they won't have to, as Brodie is putting in time at the gym.

In a recent workout video, Westbrook was seen practicing a new jump shot. The shooting motion looked a lot smoother than his older jump shot. Not only that, but he was practicing this new shot from beyond the arc, making sure that he improves his three-point shot.

Westbrook's inability to make jump shots consistently has cost him big time, especially when it comes to playoff games. In today's NBA, with 3-pointers being a focal point of any team's offense, Westbrook's poor shooting is holding his offensive game back significantly.

And while he is still able to average triple-doubles for entire seasons, imagine how much better he could be with a consistent perimeter shot. But if Westbrook is working on improving his shot, it could be a big boost to the Lakers going forward. How this new shot translates to his game next season still remains to be seen.