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Russell Westbrook Takes Blame For Wizards Loss: "This One Is On Me, Bull---tting Around."

(via DraftKings Nation)

(via DraftKings Nation)

The Russell Westbrook era hasn't gotten off to an ideal start for the Washington Wizards. After two straight losses to begin their season, doubts are starting to creep in about how far they'll be able to go.

Regardless, Westbrook is stepping up to take the blame, putting the loss on himself and his poor shooting.

Westbrook dropped his second triple-double in two games this season, each one resulting in a loss. Shooting-wise, the star guard is just 40.3% on the season and has yet to knock down a single three-pointer (he's 0-2 so far).

It's still early and nobody should be counting this team out yet -- but things will be a lot harder for Russ if he can't be more efficient on the offensive end. Of course, shooting has always been one of his greatest flaws.

The question is, can he find a way around it, or will his struggles continue to be a limitation for his squad going forward? If the Wizards want to make the playoffs, they'll need the best version of Westbrook and Beal. So far, that hasn't necessarily been the case.

At least the former MVP is owning up to it.