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Russell Westbrook Tells An Older Fan ‘Not For You’ Before Giving His Shoes To A Young Lakers Fan

Russell Westbrook Tells An Older Fan ‘Not For You’ Before Giving His Shoes To A Young Lakers Fan

To say Russell Westbrook has had a tough time so far in Los Angeles would be putting things mildly. Westbrook has played a few preseason games with the Lakers so far but has struggled to show his usual brilliance in purple and gold. Most notably, Westbrook has been turning the ball over very regularly.

So far Westbrook isn't too concerned about the turnovers but does know that he needs to improve that aspect of his game with the new season almost about to start. Russ will need time going into the season to adjust to his new teammates and bring the best out of himself and them.

Westbrook playing for the Lakers, one of the most historic franchises, is truly a huge opportunity. And he understands that the best way to ingratiate himself with the franchise is by winning over the fans. And his latest move will do that, in hilarious fashion.

After the Lakers' game against the Phoenix Suns, Westbrook took off his shoes in order to give it to a fan. He spotted a young fan who wanted the shoes, but as he was reaching out to give them to him, an older fan stuck his hand out. 

Westbrook hilariously told him to move his hand away so he could give the young fan the shoes before walking back to the locker room.

Russ will be happy about being with the Lakers, especially because he always secretly wanted to play for them. Being in his hometown, and on a championship contender with LeBron James and Anthony Davis will serve as additional motivation to produce some of the best performances of his career.

For Westbrook, his role with the Lakers is that of the third superstar. The Lakers realized that they needed a third superstar to combat the Brooklyn Nets and a much tougher Western Conference in order to win an NBA championship. So his poor performances so far will be a concern for them.