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Russell Westbrook's Brother Reportedly Asked To Leave Arena After Verbal Confrontation With Montrezl Harrell

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Friday night brought us one of the best games of the season between two favorite teams to the title, the Houston Rockets, and the Los Angeles Clippers. As expected, both teams delivered a great show with a game that was decided in the last seconds.

A Kawhi Leonard game-winner then Paul George tipping the ball out of James Harden‘s hands at the final buzzer made the job for the Clippers, who got the 122-119 victory in a great fashion.

After the game was over, though, the trouble started. Following that buzzer, Russell Westbrook‘s brother Raynard reportedly rushed the court and was escorted out of Staples Center, reports Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

The brother of Houston Rockets star Russell Westbrook was escorted out of Staples Center because of his role in a heated verbal confrontation with Los Angeles Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell and for “rushing the court” at the end of Friday night’s game, security officials told Yahoo Sports.

“He rushed the court,” a security official told Yahoo Sports. “He was in clear violation.”

After the game, Harrell was under the basket as the celebration started in Staples center. Reportedly, that’s when Raynard Westbrook began to yell at the Clippers big man and the two got into a verbal altercation as Harrell headed to the locker room.

 (via IG/Sidelinesources)

(via IG/Sidelinesources)

Westbrook reportedly walked onto the court during this and was cut off by security who told him to step back. He then went behind the row of courtside seats and continued his verbal conflict with Harrell, which is when security asked Westbrook to leave. Raynard ultimately left the court on his own volition, escorted by security.

This certainly was an emotional game full of drama and emotions, but that’s not a reason to go on the court to confront a player. If that happens now, imagine what he would do in the playoffs or the Finals.