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Russell Westbrook's Epic Reaction After Finding Out He Got a Tech For Lakers/Pistons Brawl: "They Have To Put It On Somebody... Why Not Me?"

Russell Westbrook

If you've been paying attention at all today, you'll already know the biggest story of the night: the intense altercation between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart.

Now that the actual moment has played out, the community is focused on the aftermath. How will LeBron James address the issue? What will happen when the Lakers and Pistons meet again? Will the NBA office suspend either of the players involved?

Many questions still need answers -- but for Russell Westbrook, all he's trying to figure out is what he did to deserve a technical foul.

Apparently, Russ was given a tech for his "role" in the ordeal, which didn't involve much other than standing there

After finding out he was punished for seemingly no reason, he could hardly believe it himself.

'Who had a tech? I got a tech? Oh, wow. Why did I get a tech? I didn't know I had a tech. That's interesting. Well... you know... that's just being Russell, I guess. When you're Russell Westbrook you just try to do anything. Whatever. I don't know what I did but whatever. They had to put it on somebody, so why not me?

...I'm still trying to figure out how the hell I got a tech. That's crazy.

Westbrook did not get involved at all in the "fight." In fact, it was really just James and Stewart who got carried away.

Fans did notice, however, that Russ had his hands up while it was all going down, which was probably seen as an act of aggression by the refs.

Needless to say, Russ isn't too happy about being handed a tech in this particular situation, but I'm sure there are those who would argue it was a fair call to make.

In the end, all Westbrook cares about is getting Ws on the court, which he did tonight after scoring 26 points.