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Sacramento Kings Gifted Steph Curry His Own Popcorn Before Their Game

Sacramento Kings Gifted Steph Curry His Own Popcorn Before Their Game

It is no secret that Steph Curry is a huge fan of popcorn. Popcorn is Curry's snack of choice and is often seen munching on some popcorn before and after games. Given how healthy a snack it can be, it isn't too surprising that an athlete the caliber of Curry would enjoy it on a frequent basis.

Curry has mentioned in the past that he has a 'popcorn problem', and he can't stop eating it regularly. On top of that, Curry also likes to go to different areas where he plays and try out their popcorn. So far, his least favorite is that of the Philadelphia 76ers.

His love for popcorn is now well known across the league. So the Sacramento Kings decided to leave the former 2-time MVP a gift in his locker room, one that he truly appreciated.

On his Instagram story, Steph Curry revealed the Sacramento Kings staff left Curry a personalized can of popcorn for him to enjoy. He seemed to appreciate the gesture, shouting out the staff member that procured the popcorn for him and putting him on his story (2nd slide).

While it was a nice gesture from the Kings, it could have been a tactic to help slow Curry down by having him gorge on some popcorn before the game. That tactic may have worked, as Curry had a poor shooting night. But he still put up 27 points and helped the Golden State Warriors secure the win.

Much of Curry's poor shooting night can be credited to Davion Mitchell. The young rookie for the Kings has taken on some tough defensive assignments so far, slowing down players like Donovan Mitchell and Damian Lillard, the latter who is really struggling with shooting for right now.

Curry has been putting up MVP numbers so far and taken his play up another level. He is a big reason behind the Warriors being 3-0 so far, their first time going 3-0 since their historic 73-9 season. If he can continue to perform at this level going forward, the Warriors will be a problem during the regular season.