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Sam Cassell Cursed Out James Harden While Working Out With Him And Tyrese Maxey: "Because You Miss Muthaf***a"

James Harden

The Philadelphia 76ers had a mixed bag of a season last year. After playing half of their campaign without Ben Simmons, the 76ers finally traded away their problematic star and brought in former MVP James Harden.

Pairing up a player like Harden with an MVP candidate like Joel Embiid certainly seemed like a scary prospect. While the duo started off all guns blazing, Harden certainly fell flat, especially in the playoffs.

With the offseason going on, Harden could have opted in for a $47 million payday, but after making it clear that he was willing to forego the option, 'the Beard' has made his intentions clear that he is committed to the 76ers. This became apparent as the former MVP posted a video of him practicing with Philly's assistant coach Sam Cassell and teammate Tyrese Maxey.

This training clip, though, has gone viral. While Cassell was explaining the drill to Harden and Maxey, 'the Beard' had a question or two for the 3-time NBA champion, Sam Cassell.

James Harden: Why it go up one though?

Sam Cassell: Cause you missed motherf***er.

JH: So why do I get the layup?

SC: Follow your shot up. Fuck you talking about?

JH: You on some middle school s**t.

SC: That’s right! 

This goes on to show how unfiltered of a coach Cassell is. While he might have retired ages ago, the former Bucks' guard is pretty serious when it comes to basketball.

As for Harden, he might get his best chance to compete for a championship with the Philadelphia 76ers. Not only does he have a reliable superstar in Joel Embiid, but he also has a decent supporting cast around him which is about to get stronger with the addition of veteran PJ Tucker.

After failing to make an impact in the playoffs last season, it will be interesting to see whether Harden can bring his A-game for the upcoming season.