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"Same For You Bro, You Still Wearing A Kings Jersey.": Solomon Hill Roasted Kings After Buddy Hield Wished Him A Speedy Recovery

Buddy Hield Sends A Message To The Critics- "Them Checks Still Coming In..."

There are some franchises in the NBA that are often roasted by players and fans, likely due to their lack of ability to be competitive over the years. One of those franchises is the Sacramento Kings, who currently have the longest playoff drought in the entire league.

Solomon Hill has recently roasted the Sacramento Kings franchise on Twitter in an interaction with Buddy Hield. Buddy Hield wished Solomon Hill a speedy recovery from injury, as he is out for the season. Solomon Hill decided to have some fun, and wished Buddy Hield a speedy recovery as well, as he is "still wearing a Kings jersey".

While it is true that the Sacramento Kings haven't been competitive during Buddy Hield's time on the roster, it is quite possible that they turn things around in the future. They have some talented young players such as Tyrese Haliburton and Davion Mitchell, as well as a star point guard in De'Aaron Fox. Hopefully, they are able to turn things around.

Buddy Hield is someone that might not be around for the potential Sacramento Kings comeback though. He has been linked with a trade away from the franchise previously, and some reports have indicated that he will be traded away by this year's trade deadline. It is easy to see why Buddy Hield would be coveted by other teams: he is a capable high-volume shooter, and his ability to play off the ball makes him a good fit as a supplementary offensive piece next to a lot of stars.

We'll see if the Sacramento Kings will be able to turn things around this year. They are 10-14, close enough to .500. They still have the ability to make the play-in tournament, and if they win, they'll be able to make the playoffs as well. Perhaps we'll see them break their playoff drought this season under Alvin Gentry, though there's still a lot of work left for the team.