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Scott Brooks On Bradley Beal Trade Rumors: "We're Not Answering."

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Bradley Beal has been linked with plenty of teams recently, including the Warriors, Lakers, and even Clippers. The Washington Wizards shooting guard has drawn a lot of attention recently and that doesn't seem to stop as he keeps playing great basketball while his team is struggling to find the results.

Beal appears to be out of the Wizards and it seems to be a matter of time before he leaves the organization to try his luck somewhere else. He's frustrated with the Wizards' performances this season and even though he hasn't publicly stated he's looking for a trade, the guard is not happy with the things happening on the court.

Given all the rumors around him, people want to know what is really going on in Washington but they're not interested in clearing the air for anybody. Brooks revealed that the team isn't interested in hearing anything about trading Beal and they'll make anything they can to prevent the player from joining another team via trade.

"We’re not interested. I’m gonna just tell Tommy you might as well block all the 29 other teams’ numbers. We’re not answering," Brooks said, via Yahoo Sports.

While talking about if this situation could distract the rest of the team, Brooks made it clear that they don't think or talk about it and things will keep that way, especially with Beal's desire to continue with the team that drafted him.

"Brad and I have never talked about it. We know that’s part of it. We haven’t won and when you don’t win, teams think that you’re just gonna throw the towel in and give up, that you’re just gonna want to get rid of your good players. So, that’s all part of the business," Brooks said after Saturday's practice.

"Brad is no different. He’s one of the best players in the league, of course every team would want him. But the good part about it is the team he’s on loves him the most. I love coaching him. He wants to be here, he signed an extension. He didn’t have to."

This is still a developing situation and nobody knows how it will end. Beal wants to win in Washington but if he can, it will be hard not to see him requesting a trade, just like James Harden did with the Houston Rockets.