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Scott Burrell's Wife Hilarious Reaction To Michael Jordan's Comments In The Last Dance

(Credit: USA Today)

(Credit: USA Today)

Michael Jordan's The Last Dance has been a worldwide sensation, as expected. Everybody wants to get a glimpse of the exclusive footage that was locked down for two decades regarding The Black Cat's final Championship.

Needless to say, now that those behind-the-scenes stories have seen the light, several people must be worried about how that may take a toll on their public image, including former teammate Scott Burrell.

Jordan was teasing Burrell right after winning the NBA Championship because of his bachelor lifestyle. He said Burrell was an alcoholic who loved conquering women and never calling them back again. Burrell, being a young player in the league, politely asked Jordan to stop in case his fathers saw that tape. Obviously, Jordan declined and even called him 'Baby Rodman'.

Fortunately for Coakley that footage was saved for two decades, but he still couldn't escape from his wife Jeane Coakley, who had a hilarious response to the hundreds of tweets going her way during the episode:

Obviously, there's no point in taking those images seriously twenty years later. Coakley took those comments with a grain of salt and a great sense of humor and joined the wave of internet trolls making fun of his husband.

Burrell's NBA journey wasn't always as successful as during his early days, as he was out of the league after eight seasons and roughly averaged 6.9 points, 3.5 rebounds, and 1.8 assists per game. I guess he did most of his winning off the court, as Jordan claimed.