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Scottie Pippen Believes Clippers Are Better Than Lakers

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The one game this season that every basketball fan is looking forward to seeing is the battle of Los Angeles when the Lakers and Clipper clash. Both franchises have made some significant changes over the offseason that has turned the two teams into two of the greatest contenders for the 2020 Championship.

The Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen believes that the Los Angeles Clippers are a better team than the Los Angeles Lakers with the signings of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Pippen believes that the Clippers “have too many guys they can throw” at the Lakers most important players in LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

“I would probably say the Clippers just because of where they were last year and the players that they have,” Pippen told Drew Ruiz of SLAM. “They already have the confidence and feel like last year they dominated the Lakers. Now, you give them the Finals MVP and one of the top defenders in the game in Paul George. That sends their confidence up through the roof. With the Lakers, I don’t think a guy going into his 17th season can really carry a team the way he needs to carry [it].

“I think LeBron will be competitive. Having Anthony Davis out there is going to give him a bit of an edge. I think they’re going to be a lot more in terms of when they face the Clippers because they have too many guys they can throw at LeBron. They already have thrown Beverly at him, so now you got Kawhi to throw at him, Paul George to throw at him. Anthony Davis is going to be a tough matchup night in and night out, but he’s only one player.

“LeBron James is not going to be a tough matchup. He’s going into his 17th year in the League. You’re talking about Kawhi who’s still in his 20s [and] Paul George is probably still in his 20s. It’s a changing of the guard and they’re probably going to have the pass the torch over and let the Clippers be the best team in Los Angeles.”

Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Patrick Beverly are all elite defenders for the Clippers, they should match up quite well against their cross-town rivals.

However it turns out, it’s sure going to be exciting for Los Angeles basketball fans to see both franchises as potential championship contenders.