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Scottie Pippen Calls James Harden’s 55 Point-Game ‘Nothing’



Seems like NBA legend Scottie Pippen is not a fan of James Harden. Or, at least, he doesn't like his game.

In light of the Beard's 55-point performance against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday, Pippen was hesitant to call it impressive, citing that Harden was just "launching" shots rather than playing real, team basketball.

As a player with one of the highest usage rates on the team, there's no arguing that Harden doesn't have complete control over the offense in Houston. But it's not like he's super inefficient. He made 20-of-34 field goals, including 10-of-18 three-point attempts. He was efficient in every sense of the word.

He also averages over 7 assists per game -- so he clearly gets his teammates involved at some level.

For a guy like Harden to have so much control, and post the numbers he does on a daily basis, it can often draw a lot of criticism from the community (fans and former players alike). Pippen is just one in a long line of people who has their reservations about his game.