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Scottie Pippen Desired To Be Better Than Michael Jordan

Scottie Pippen Reveals Referees Used To Ask Him For Jordan Shoes

Scottie Pippin and Michael Jordan are widely considered amongst the Top 3 Greatest Duos ever. Their accomplishments and dominance on the court is something we still haven’t seen in the NBA since.

All the same while, Scottie Pippen has a hidden agenda of his own.

The six-time NBA champion said this in a recent interview with the Players’ Tribune after stating he wanted to be better than Michael Jordan:

“There was something there to give me the confidence just to talk s**t,”

“I had a journey like Oakley coming from a small school,” Pippen said. “Just having that confidence in myself instilled more confidence.”

No doubt, Scottie is considered to the one if the top 50 players ever by most. His performance on the court proved as much.

But to be better than Mike? Not only does it say how much faith Pippen had in his own abilities, but it also teaches that even the most successful of partnerships can have hidden individual motives.

Sadly, Pippen never did convince the world he was better than Mike. After all, most of his success wouldn’t have happened without him.

Still, he deserves a lot of credit for a career that often gets overlooked.

Credit: Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson