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Scottie Pippen Doesn’t Think The Clippers Are Ready To Win A Championship

Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

After all the good moves they made during the offseason, the Los Angeles Clippers are widely seen as the biggest favorites to win the NBA title next season. However, not everything is as good as everybody thinks.

Even though they landed two of the best players in the game in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, the Clippers still have doubters regardless of how good they look on paper. Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen, for example, isn’t convinced that the Clips actually have a chance to win the title next campaign.

He thinks Doc Rivers and his staff have a great team, but they’ll likely need to wait another season before claiming the NBA title. During Tuesday’s edition of ESPN’s The Jump, Pippen was asked what he believes is the bar of success for the Clippers.

“I thought about it and them winning a title with everything wide open, you just got the Finals MVP, so the confidence gotta be pretty high, and also with Paul George, you got the sixth man of the year, but I think just getting to the Western Conference Finals will be a successful season for them.

“When I look at the other teams around, the Lakers, they’re strong, they also have a guy by the name of LeBron James and now you look at Houston; I think those two teams really stand in their way. If they can get by those two teams, I don’t think they’re quite ready to win a championship, but it’s about getting there and filling that success. I think it’s gonna take them two years, but I do think they have the roster to win a title.”

Perhaps these claims are going to upset the Clippers' fans, Pippen has a valid point. This is a team that has never gotten past the second round of the playoffs, and even though Kawhi has won championships and PG-13 has played in the ECF a couple of times, this would be something new for this team.

Still, this is basketball and you never know what can happen in the NBA. Maybe we’re on the gates to see the Clips winning their first title ever, in a league that’s up for grabs.