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Scottie Pippen Explains How He Would Defend Giannis’ Spin-Move Dunk

(via Primicia)

(via Primicia)

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the most athletic players the league has ever seen. He doesn't need to take more than three dribbles to euro step his way from halfcourt to the rim and once he takes off, there's just no way of containing him.

He's put a lot of work on his craft, footwork, and moves and recently, his spin-move dunk is just one of the deadliest moves in the league. There's just no way of preventing him from getting what he wants and aggressively attacking the rim.

That's why the guys from ESPN's The Jump tried to get the insight of an expert defender on how on earth you try and stop that move. They asked Scottie Pippen, one of the greatest defenders to ever do it, and his blunt response was uninspiring, to say the least:

"A hard foul on the catch. That's it," Pippen said laughing.

Well, honestly, there aren't many things you could do to try and stop that bulldozer from shaking off the defense and finishing with a poster dunk. He's got a huge wingspan and is incredibly light but strong.

Then again, Giannis isn't the most prolific scorer from the charity stripe. You'd be forcing him to earn his two points from the line where he shots 63% instead of an easy finish above the rim.

Giannis is currently averaging 29.5 points per game on 55.3% from the floor and he's put together a couple of strong outings in the playoffs. He's the kind of dominant scorer that you know you're not going to stop but can hope to, at least, contain.

The Milwaukee Bucks will only go as fas as the Greek Freak can take them in the playoffs. Then again, Eric Bledsoe and Khris Middleton must also step up and take some pressure off his shoulders.