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Scottie Pippen Fires Back At Richard Jefferson: 'I’m Not Giannis—I Don’t Have Back-To-Back League MVPs (He Will In A Matter Of Days)—And He’s Not Te. The Question Is... Who Were You As A Player?'

Credit: NBAE

Credit: NBAE

Giannis Antetokounmpo's performances in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs have let a lot to be desired. The Miami Heat have put a wall in front of him and have prevented him from dominating and getting his way in the paint.

The Heat have had Giannis' number all year long. More than that, the Greek Freak has looked frustrated and out of sync and his body language is just off right now. That has let to a lot of criticism and hot takes lately.

One of the wildest takes we've seen in this past couple of years came from Richard Jefferson. The former NBA Champion took it to his Twitter account to call Giannis 'A Pippen' and that he needed a Michael Jordan. It didn't take long before Scottie Pippen clapped back:

"I’m not Giannis—I don’t have back-to-back league MVPs (he will in a matter of days)—and he’s not me. The question is... who were you as a player?" Pippen said in the most savage manner.

To put things in context, yes, Scottie Pippen couldn't win without Michael Jordan, who was clearly the best player in the world and the leader of the Chicago Bulls. Then again, Jordan couldn't have won 6 rings without Pippen by his side either.

Scottie has often felt disrespected by the NBA community. He feels like his contributions to his 6 rings should be more valuable, and truth be told, being a 'Pippen' is a hell of a compliment.

Richard Jefferson did have a solid stretch on his career, especially with the Nets. He also won a ring with the Cleveland Cavaliers, although with a lesser role. From champ to champ, Pippen knows that he'll be remembered until the end of time as the greatest 'Robin' ever, while not many people will talk about Richard Jefferson.