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Scottie Pippen: ‘I'd Average 40 If I Played For Today's Houston Rockets’

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Scottie Pippen has made a bold claim about him playing in today’s NBA. The Chicago Bulls legend joined Amin Elhassan and Brian Windhorst on ESPN’s The Jump to play ‘Something, Nothing or Everything’ regarding James Harden’s 55-point game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Even though Harden was the main focus of the conversation, Pippen didn’t miss the chance to speculate how many points he’d be getting every night if he played in a team like the Houston Rockets.

Asked if Harden’s game meant something, he said:

“To me, it’s nothing, based on the fact how the game is being played today, he controlling the ball possession most of the game, it’s really just a one-on-one game right now for him. He’s looking at guys like Westbrook, they’re wide open and he’s just logging shots so it’s nothing as he’s shooting every shot of them.”

Then he went to remember his active days, claiming he didn’t get as many shots as Harden. When Windhorst asked him how many points he would average if he was part of this Rockets, Pippen said:

“In today’s day, if I come back, I’d get 40,” he replied.

Seeing the way he said that, maybe he was just joking, but it’d be interesting to see how Pippen would do in today’s NBA. Throughout his career, he averaged 16.1 points per game, so that would be a huge upgrade for his numbers.