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Scottie Pippen: 'Kobe Bryant Was Better Than Michael Jordan'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kobe Bryant's impact on the game was big. This man arrived after Michael Jordan, but he became the Jordan of many fans in the NBA. Bryant had such a great career that even former players praised him for his greatness and quality. For instance, Michael Jordan's sidekick Scottie Pippen compared the Mamba to His Airness, claiming KB24 was better than his former teammate.

Back in April, Pippen had an interview with Tuzio, where he explained how curious Kobe was about everything and all the things he would do to know about a specific topic. Pippen also mentioned that he regrets not having told Kobe how great he was and not praising him as much as he deserves for his game.

"Kobe would call me and pick my brain. It was amazing to know that he did that to a lot of players. He did that to people in all parts of life, whether it was a movie producer or a best-selling author,” Pippen said.

“Kobe was a very intelligent guy, and he believed in striving to be the best. I really hate that we didn’t tell him how great he really was.”

Moreover, he discussed the comparisons between Kobe and Jordan. It's not a secret that Kobe saw a role model in Jordan and he always tried to catch the Chicago Bulls legend. Well, according to Pippen, Bryant surpassed MJ.

“[Kobe] strived so hard to be Michael Jordan. When I go back and I look at his videos and I say to myself, ‘Damn he was better than Michael Jordan. He worked so hard. This kid came out of high-school. He didn’t go play for North Carolina under a Dean Smith,” Pippen added.

Most fans agree that you have to compare Michael Jordan with Kobe Bryant, not another star. They had the same style of play, the same mindset and somehow had a similar career. However, according to Pippen, the student beat the teacher.