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Scottie Pippen Makes More Comments On LeBron James


NBA legend, and former Chicago Bull, Scottie Pippen has raised more than a few eyebrows in the past for his... outlandish comments concerning LeBron James.

Being a former teammate of Michael Jordan, Pippen actually openly admitted (back in about 2012), that LeBron may have been surpassing MJ as the greatest of All-Time. Now, while the noise has died down much since then, he still pulls out the occasional stint every now and again.

Here's what he said Monday night on ESPN's The Jump:

"For Lebron to be successful he has to be aggressive scoring the basketball...He can't continue to be a facilitator. He has to be the alpha guy who starts to score the basketball because, as Brian [Windhorst] said, he doesn't have the luxury of Kyrie, to give him the ball, sit back, and watch him play, take a few dives, get a few layups. He doesn't have that luxury anymore. And those points aren't going to be seen by that Cavs team unless he is able to pull it off."

For the Indiana Pacers, their current game-plan involves utilizing the Cavs mediocre role-players, by clogging the lane, forcing LeBron to either shoot or pass out. In other words, he's doomed. And for a LeBron fan as big Pippen, King James is in real danger here, even in this very first round.