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Scottie Pippen On Who Should Win The Finals MVP: "I Have To Take My Hat Off To LeBron James, He's My Clear Choice"

Credit: NBAE

Credit: NBAE

Scottie Pippen has had his fair share of controversial takes lately, including stating that he doesn't think that the NBA bubble is actual professional basketball and sees it more like a pick-up-game.

However, when it's time to get serious, he has no choice but to acknowledge greatness when he sees it, so he had to kind of back-pedal on that statement to recognize LeBron James' otherwordly efforts since the restart of the season.

That's why, when asked about whether LeBron or Anthony Davis should be named Finals MVP in the case the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, the 6-time NBA Champion had no choice but to take his hat off to The King:

"The whole team for being in that damn Bubble. But, I have to take my hat off to LeBron James. To be able to fuel the fire that he's running with right now, it's amazing. 17 years in the league. Leading his team in numerous categories. You know, his leadership, his will, his dominance, like how is he still doing this at 17 years in the league? What's still motivating him? You know, he's my clear choice," Pippen said on ESPN.

Perhaps what's more impressive about LeBron James is the fact that he's averaging 28 points, 11 rebounds, and 9 assists on 53% shooting and somehow it still feels like he could do better. That's the kind of standard we hold him to.

And while Anthony Davis has had some impressive stat lines throughout the first four games of the NBA Finals, he hasn't been as consistent as LeBron, so yeah, he should be everybody's clear choice.