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Scottie Pippen Says Durant-Draymond Incident Will Make Warriors Stronger

Scottie Pippen Says Durant-Draymond Incident Will Make Warriors Stronger

After a period where the Warriors went 1-5 many people were talking about how Golden State seemed to be imploding without Steph Curry in the lineup. Curry requires so much attention from opposing defenses due to his shooting and ball-handling that he opens up countless opportunities for his teammates.

He is due to be back soon and the Warriors will be extremely grateful when he returns. They want to completely move on from the whole Draymond/Durant ordeal that cost them a few wins. Luckily the two players seem to have reconciled and are now fully focused on winning games.

NBA Legend Scottie Pippen has some interesting insight on what caused the rift between the 2 players.

“They're basically bored, they're waiting on the NBA Finals. This is a situation that's gonna get them pretty much focused and get them on track." Said Pippen on ESPN.

He’s absolutely right. When you’ve won the last 2 NBA titles with ease the regular season means basically nothing to you. Most other teams are really worried about their regular season record, but most teams aren’t the Warriors. It’s often said that’s it’s very lonely at the top, and extremely stressful. Pippen talked about the 98 Bulls and the similarities he sees in the Warriors today. The 98 Bulls knew this was their last season together thanks to all the off-court drama. Maybe the Warriors know this is their last season together and it’s beginning to show?

The Warriors only care about the Playoffs and winning 3 titles in a row. They will easily make the Playoffs and will probably be a top 2 seed as well. They just need to a way to get through the regular season without biting each other heads off. Hopefully for them, the Green/Durant incident was enough for them to realize that the only thing that can stop the Warriors from winning another title are themselves. These guys are too good and too competitive to let this opportunity slip away without giving everything they’ve got.