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Scottie Pippen Says Giannis Isn't Ready To Take Bucks To The NBA Title

Scottie Pippen Says Giannis Isn't Ready To Take Bucks To The NBA Title

Giannis Antetokounmpo looks ready to continue his domination over the Eastern Conference at the Orlando bubble. He's been great in the regular season and now the job will be harder since Giannis will try to take his Milwaukee Bucks to the promised land.

However, not everybody is sold on the idea that the Greek Freak can take that last step and reach the Finals and win the championship. Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen is one of those who doesn't believe Giannis is ready to lead his team to the NBA title. During a recent appearance on the 'Da Windy City' podcast, Pippen said:

"I don’t think he is really there yet. You’re talking about winning a title. You’re talking about playing in the NBA finals. You’re talking about making big shots. Being able to take those shots with great confidence. I just don’t see him being ready right now for that.”

He had big words for Giannis but made it clear that the young player still has things to improve before making that last step.

“I know that he has made some great strides. He is still one of the top players in the game. But in terms of his outside play, he is not really that carries the team to a title.”

Last season they won 60 games and everything looked fine for them until the 3rd game of the ECF, but Nick Nurse and his Toronto Raptors dismantled Giannis, winning four straight games, preventing them from going to the Finals.

“They really exposed Giannis to his weakness," Pippen added. "And that’s what teams do when they get you in a series, they’re gonna expose you. And they’re gonna do that again to him this year.”

Giannis has expressed his desire to win the championship and he's in the bubble with one goal, bringing the trophy home next October. He won't have an easy path to the title and he's aware of that, but Giannis is ready to prove Pippen and all of his doubters wrong.

The Bucks restart the season playing against the Boston Celtics on July 31 at 6:30 PM ET.