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Scottie Pippen Says Phil Jackson Could Win Title With Current Lakers Roster

Jackson, Pippen

Other than being an NBA Hall of Famer, Scottie Pippen is known for his rather wild basketball takes. Some are a little more out there than others, but from a guy who used to play the game (and alongside the GOAT as well), he's got to know a thing or two about NBA basketball.

His latest statement, however, may have pushed things a little too far.

In a chat with TMZ Sports, Pippen revealed that he believes his former coach Phil Jackson could win a championship with this year's Laker team, the same Laker team that is currently struggling to stay in the playoff picture.

Granted, Phil Jackson is one of the greatest coaches of All-Time. His patented triangle offense is a pure display of brilliance, and his handling of star-sized egos was unmatched. He's got eleven rings to prove it.

But to say him alone would make enough of a difference to win a Championship for L.A.? C'mon Scottie, that's almost blasphemous.

This Laker team is talented, and they've got the best player in the world, but their too young, not deep enough, and have been torn apart by trade rumors after coming up empty in their search for another star. There's just too much wrong with this Lakers squad for the team to even think about a Championship run. Too many problems for even the great Phil Jackson to fix.