Scottie Pippen Thinks The Miami Heat Will Beat The Los Angeles Lakers

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The Best Reactions Of The Night After Miami Heat Advance To NBA Finals

Ever since the Los Angeles Lakers traded multiple assets for Anthony Davis, they became one of the strongest candidates to go the distance and win the 2020 NBA Championship. Fast-forward to today, and they've lived up to the hype by going to the NBA Finals.

Unsurprisingly, they enter their matchup with the Miami Heat as heavy favorites not only because of the fact that they've been well-rested and had a better regular-season record but also because they feature the best, most dominant duo in the league in Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

However, 6-time NBA Champion Scottie Pippen actually believe that Erik Spoelstra's side will end up on top in the NBA Finals, going as far as to say that they have the edge right now:

“I think it’s going to be a great series. To me, Miami has a little bit of the edge. I think people are overlooking how well they’ve played and their style of play,” Scottie Pippen told Forbes.

Most people believe that the Miami Heat do have a big shot at taking down the Lakers in the Finals. At the end of the day, they've only dropped 3 games in the playoffs thus far.

However, that wasn't Scottie Pippen's hottest take of the day, as he took a bit of an uncalled shot towards LeBron James by claiming that he still needs to prove that he can lead by himself:

“I give a lot of credit to the way the Lakers have played defensively but I think Miami is ready for the challenge. They have players that are playing with a lot of confidence right now. I don’t take nothing away from the Lakers and LeBron going to his 10th Finals. He still has to prove he can lead a team himself. I think Anthony Davis has shown he’s more valuable to them on the offensive end but I think Miami has more offensive weapons they’ll be able to throw at LA," the Hall of Famer concluded.

The Lakers' formula has worked perfectly thus far. It's true that Anthony Davis has been their go-to-guy for most of the season but James still averaged over 25+ points while leading the league in assists. Honestly, I don't feel like he's got anything to prove at this point.