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Seahawks Wide Receiver DK Metcalf Pulled Up To NFL Opening Weekend With Iconic Michael Jordan Outfit

Seahawks Wide Receiver DK Metcalf Pulled Up To NFL Opening Weekend With Iconic Michael Jordan Outfit

The cultural significance of a figure like Michael Jordan reached far beyond his ability as a player. Although his incredible performances on the court were what brought him fame, Jordan eventually became a symbol of excellence in many walks of life.

Jordan is not just associated with basketball, but also a big name in the fashion world. His ‘Air Jordan’ sneaker line with Nike is the most sought-after shoe line in the world. Despite him not playing for 20 years now, fans still fight tooth and nail in order to get their hands on a pair of Jordans.

Jordan himself has spoken about the popularity of his shoes, especially during the ‘Last Dance’ documentary, where he said that the biggest endorsement of his shoes was his game. And given how incredible Jordan was, it comes as no surprise that fans want to get their hands on his shoes.

But it isn’t just the shoes that Jordan made popular. During his NBA career, MJ became a bit of a fashion icon, with several of his outfits becoming quite iconic. 

In a way, Jordan’s unique fashion sense paved the way for several of today’s NBA players like James Harden and Russell Westbrook, who also show up to their games in exciting outfits.

Jordan’s fashion choices didn’t just affect basketball players, but football players as well. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf arrived for the Seahawks’ game against the Indianapolis Colts wearing an iconic Michael Jordan outfit from the past. 

Clearly, the outfit worked like a good luck charm, as Metcalf and the Seahawks went on to win their opening game.

MJ’s cultural impact continues to be seen to this day, and Metcalf did his best to channel the GOAT’s aura with the help of one of his most iconic fits. As time goes on, it won’t be surprising if players start showing up to games with the iconic long suits with the large shoulders like Jordan used to wear.