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Seattle Supersonics Fans React To Gary Payton Reuniting With Detlef Schrempf In The 2022 NBA Finals: "What A Throwback, The Glove & Detlef Schrempf!!!"

payton detlef

The Seattle Supersonics fans had a blast on Sunday night when two of their best players ever reunited. Of course, it would have been better to see them in Seattle, doing something related to the old team, but this time, they had to see other squads clash in the NBA Finals. 

Ahead of Game 2 of the 2022 NBA Finals, Gary Payton and Detlef Schrempf met and took a picture. These two, alongside Shawn Kemp and the best generation of players in Seattle, took the Supersonics to the NBA Finals in 1996. They had a good chance to win the NBA championship until Michael Jordan told them otherwise. 

They were very close to winning it all, but the GOAT had different plans. Still, that doesn't mean they don't have good memories of the time they spent together playing for the Sonics. 

Many fans from the Sonics reacted to the picture, expressing their admiration for The Glove and Schrempf while remembering the times they lived cheering for Seattle. 

Even Schrempf joked with the pic, saying they went from being babies to becoming grandpas. 

Payton is especially interested in the 2022 NBA Finals, as his son Gary Payton II is defending the Golden State Warriors colors in the series. He couldn't win a title in Seattle but was successful in Miami. Now his son can win it all in San Francisco and Gary will be there to watch him give his everything on the court. 

It's been a complex offseason for GP2, but he's ready to bounce back and demonstrate why the Warriors are so high on him. As for the Supersonics, they've been linked with a return to the NBA in a few years, but nothing is certain right now.