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Serge Ibaka Reveals The Recruitment Text He Got From Kawhi Leonard To Join The Clippers: "Are You Coming Or No?"

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

Kawhi Leonard is probably the quietest, simplest NBA superstar we've seen in a while. With no desire for the spotlight, the guy usually keeps to himself and lives (at least at the surface) a pretty "modest" life.

His sort of cyborg-like demeanor has captured the internet, as folks flock to his unintentionally funny words and actions.

Well, fans online shared another laugh today after Serge Ibaka, who signed with the Clippers last month, described what "the Klaw" texted him in an effort to recruit for the Clippers.

"What's he like as a recruiter? What was his pitch to you?"

Ibaka: "Funny. 'Hey what's up.' That's what Kawhi sent me in a text. 'Bro, are you coming or no?'"

Most players go all-out to recruit for their teams, especially if it's a big piece like Ibaka. Meetings are involved, dinners get shared. For Kawhi, it was just some text messages that were clear and went straight to the point. So simple, yet so amusing at the same time.

Still, it was enough. Though the Clippers lost some important pieces, they added a great player in Ibaka, a guy who will bring depth on both ends of the floor.

Ibaka and Kahwi were teammates with the Raptors in 2019, where they won a title together over the Golden State Warriors. Now, in LA, they are hoping for similar results.