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Serge Ibaka Shares The "COVID Ring" Players Will Wear In Orlando Bubble

(via Snapchat/Serge Ibaka)

(via Snapchat/Serge Ibaka)

Amid a worldwide pandemic and national protests, the NBA is doing whatever they can to continue the 2019-20 season. They are instilling quarantine protocols, encouraging social distancing, and keeping any unnecessary contact to a minimum.

Players will also be required to wear a COVID ring, which is said to help identify early symptoms and notify players when they've broken social distancing guidelines. Serge Ibaka recently showed off the ring on TikTok:

It remains to be seen how this will hold up during games or how effective it will be in completing its designed goals.

Nevertheless, it's a pretty cool tool that might change the game for quarantine protocols in the future. With these rings, people can track which players might have the virus before symptoms even become noticeable. Obviously it will be easier to keep everyone else healthy if they can keep the exposed individuals away from the other players.

In the end, it seems the NBA is trying all the stops to not only keep COVID-19 from spreading in their "bubble," but also to ensure that the season is able to finish with no loose ends. We will see soon enough how it all works out.