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Seth Curry Blames His Mom That He Wasn't Highly Recruited Out of High School

(via The Smoking Cuban)

(via The Smoking Cuban)

Seth Curry is living the dream in the NBA, but his path to get there wasn't what anyone would call easy.

In fact, he wasn't very highly recruited at all coming out of High School and while a number of factors contributed to that fact, Seth apparently blames his own mother.

In an interview with Adrian Wojnarowski on "the Woj Pod" Dell and Sonya Curry recalled the time Seth was not allowed to go to big basketball tournament after missing curfew on Prom night.

(via AirrQuote)

Seth blames it on me because there is a big tournament that all the coaches were coming and his name was being thrown out there on who to watch that weekend. And he decided he wasn’t gonna come in for curfew from a prom or homecoming. And I told him you’re not going to the tournament. And, so, he blames that he didn't get highly recruited because of me.

So, Seth missed a recruiting opportunity because he was grounded. It sounds more like his fault instead of his mom's.

Fortunately, Seth is doing just fine nowadays. He is in Dallas playing a big role off the bench for his team, averaging 12.5 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 2.1 assists on 49% shooting and 45% shooting from beyond the arc. So -- he got to where he wanted to be, but it might've been a little bit harder than he planned.

Moral of the story: don't miss curfew, kids.