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Seth Curry Says He Never Wants To Play Together With Stephen Curry And The Warriors: 'I’d Rather Compete Against Him.'

Credit: Bay Area News Group

Credit: Bay Area News Group

Regardless of the success that his brother has enjoyed, Seth Curry has no intention of joining him in the Bay and go play with the Golden State Warriors. He's had a good career in the NBA, but not as successful as his brother's. However, that doesn't mean he will try to join him in Oakland to win championships.

Talking with his long-time friend and brother in law Austin Rivers, Seth revealed he likes to compete against Steph and that he'll continue to do so instead of joining forces with him and the Dubs. He said on Rivers' UNINTERRUPTED Go Off with Austin Rivers podcast (11:00 mark):

“Honestly, I’ve thought about it. Earlier in my career, I had some opportunities to play on the Warriors and go there and obviously take a much lesser role…having the team stacked the way they have in the last few years,” the Mavs sharpshooter told Rivers on his Uninterrupted show “Go Off.”

“I’ve always turned them down because I never really wanted to play on his team. I’d rather compete against him. I’m going to be compared to him and somewhat in his shadow whether I’m on his team or not, so it’s going to multiply if I were on the same team, so I like to create my own path and do my own thing.”

Seth Curry has made a name for himself in the league, as well. Even though his brother is the one getting all the attention, he deserves recognition for his accolades. They have faced each other more than once, but Steph has been the regular winner in those matchups, including the WCF of last year, when the Warriors swept the Portland Trail Blazers.

Right now he's part of the Dallas Mavericks, having a tremendous season with the Texans before the NBA suspended the season last March.