Seth Greenberg Doubts Zion Williamson Will Last 10 Seasons In The NBA

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Credit: AP Photo

Credit: AP Photo

There has been a lot of speculation and rumors surrounding Zion Williamson's health. Apparently, the New Orleans Pelicans are even teaching him how to walk and run differently to prevent injury.

The first overall pick hasn't been able to make his official debut while nursing yet another knee injury, and there are some serious concerns about his durability, as he's been injured at all levels and his huge frame could cause him a lot of trouble going forward.

And while discussing Williamson's future, coach Seth Greenberg raised a lot of controversy by claiming he's doubtful that he'll even be able to stay in the league for 10 years due to his body:

"You should be scared, but it has nothing to do with learning how to walk or how to run. That's just the way it is, that's just the way his body is going and you're not going to change that (...). You should be concerned because when you're 278 or 285 pounds at 6'6'', playing in the NBA with a 24-second clock and running up and down, changing directions and jumping as high as he jumps, I don't care if you're in condition. His weight and the grind that it's going to take on his body, his body isn't built for an NBA season. And eventually, it will break down because the mass on his joints and the rest of his body just will not hold him. It's just physically impossible", Greenberg said in ESPN's GetUp.

The Pelicans have already paid Zion 3.7 million dollars despite him not being able to go through a full practice yet, and he also signed a huge endorsement deal with Jordan brand earlier in the summer.

That should tell you how talented he is and how high expectations are for him going forward, as he's a freak of nature that could eventually become one of the greatest ever.

However, unless he loses a lot of weight, he'll always be injury-prone, especially with the way he jumps out the roof and the toll that takes on his lower body.