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Shannon Sharpe Gets Brutally Honest On The Los Angeles Lakers: "Everybody Knows They Are Desperate...”

Russell Westbrook

In Los Angeles, the Lakers are still looking for ways to upgrade the roster. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis, they have a solid foundation to build from.

Unfortunately, what they have now is still not enough to compete for a title -- and everyone knows it. In a recent segment on Undisputed, FOX's Shannon Sharpe went so far as to call them desperate.

“Everybody knows the Los Angeles Lakers are desperate,” Sharpe said. “They want to move Russell Westbrook. They know the clock is also ticking on LeBron James. With the Lakers, if you want to get up out of Russell Westbrook, it’s gonna cost you those two first-round picks because I know you desperate, and I know you desperately want to get up off of him. So, everybody’s trying to extract as much as they possibly can out of the Lakers.”

The Lakers have a lot of issues, and they extend beyond just one player. Still, the main crux of the trouble stems from Russell Westbrook. Besides just being a bad fit on the floor, he has caused some tension and division in the locker room.

"My feeling on this is the Lakers want him out," said Colin Cowherd. "They want him out of the franchise. They are trying to humiliate him or marginalize him and for him to go, 'I'm not showing up. I'm out!' They think he's too toxic. I, by the way, do not think he's a starter for a decent NBA team anymore. I think he is a bench player. Maybe I'm wrong on that."

Westbrook may not be a bench player, but he's certainly not in his prime. Over the past few years, the guy has struggled to stay consistent and shoot efficiently on the floor.

Now, the Lakers are desperate to give him up and try something new. Only time will tell if they're able to shake him or if he'll remain on the team for another full season.