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Shannon Sharpe: "If You Think Russell Westbrook Has The Same Impact As Magic, You Don't Know Basketball."

Russell Westbrook

(via Sporting News)

Russell Westbrook continues to defy the odds and do things no one else had even been close to doing in NBA history.

He's averaged a triple-double for 4 seasons now, all in the past 5 years, and some may argue that he's playing the best basketball of his career.

In fact, Magic Johnson went on to say that he's doing things that not even he could do, while his coach Scott Brooks said that he'll be the second-best point guard of all time.

However, when comparing him and Magic Johnson, Undisputed's Shannon Sharpe wanted no part of that discussion, claiming that it's not even close:

"It's not even close. That's like the difference between the Earth and Venus, the Earth and Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune. What are we even talking about? Magic is the greatest - we're talking about the greatest point guard ever, that won 5 titles. He was 3-times Finals MVP. He won 3 regular-season MVPs in an era when they had Moses Malone, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar," Sharpe started.

Share added that Magic was a bonafide winner in the NBA and that even though Westbrook plays harder than anybody else, that hasn't translated into much success:

"I don't know if people realize this but Magic went to the Finals 9 times in 12 years. Only 3 times he failed to reach the Finals. (...) Nobody plays harder, nobody gives you more night in, night out. Game in, game out. Year in, year out. But (we're talking about) impact. All those triple-doubles... how many times has he got out of the first round? 4 times in 5 years. (...) If you think Russ has the same impact as Magic, you don't know basketball," he concluded.

Russell Westbrook has had an amazing career and a solid year but, to be fair, not many people could sit on Magic's table.