Shannon Sharpe: 'Kevin Durant Doesn’t Receive The Same Hate That LeBron James Did'

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Ever since his infamous 'decision', LeBron James has been heavily questioned by his haters. They claim that he had to team up with two superstars to win a ring and that he could never do that on his own. Well, no one can, and that's why this is a team sport.

James won in Miami and then went back home to Cleveland, where he teamed up with two stars again and fueled that narrative even more. Then, he left to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, teaming up with Anthony Davis in his second season.

People are blaming LeBron for the superteams, yet they don't see to criticize other players - like Kevin Durant - the same way they do with LeBron. If anything, they only call him out for joining the Golden State Warriors after they beat him in the playoffs, at least according to Shannon Sharpe:

"When LeBron went to Miami from Cleveland, I think that opened up the floodgate that no one thought would ever open. (...) But I don't see the same level for KD (Kevin Durant) teaming up with James Harden and Kyrie. (...) I think KD got it because he went to a team (that) he was down 3-1," Sharpe said in an interview with Jamal Crawford for Club Shay Shay.

Well, Shannon has a valid point right there. Durant did face a lot of criticism and people deemed him 'soft' and 'a snake' for joining the team that beat him.

Yet, no one seems to be angry at the fact that he's now orchestrated the most overpowered team we've seen in years, taking away a lot of the fun and the competitiveness from the game.

If it was LeBron, you would hear about him non-stop, but Durant has had way more help and top-notch teammates over the past decade than LeBron.

So, in the words of Shannon Sharpe, either championships matter or they don't, but let's not act like LeBron is the only 'ring-chaser' or 'player-GM' in the league or the only one who needs two All-Stars by his side to win a ring.