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Shannon Sharpe On Lou Williams: 'Everyone Knows What’s Up With The City.'

(via Men's Health)

(via Men's Health)

When Lou Williams was caught breaking the Orlando bubble quarantine protocols tp pick up some wings at the club, he insisted that he was just there some good food, not necessarily a good time.

Since he exposed himself to COVID-19, he was placed under specialized quarantine and forced to sit two of the Clippers' opening bubble games. It cost him a chunk of his salary, too.

Everybody would have probably forgotten about it now, though, had it not been for "Aries." A wing dancer who works for "Magic City" in Atlanta (the same one Lou was spotted at), admitted he was there for more than just the wings.

The whole thing caught the attention of "Undisputed" star Shannon Sharpe, who didn't seem all that surprised by the news. If anything, he was madder at Aries for snitching than he was at Lou for breaking quarantine.

A lot of people were siding with Williams and Shannon here. Some even went so far as to call for the woman's job.

Lou will serve his time and then rejoin his team before too long -- so, in hindsight, this whole thing isn't really that big a deal.

But it just goes to show that players can and will be exposed if they chose to break the rules of NBA quarantine.