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Shannon Sharpe On Andre Drummond: "He’s The Difference In Them Winning Or Losing The Title.”



Both L.A. teams made some pretty big moves during the second half of this season. For the Clippers, they acquired Rajon Rondo from the Hawks -- a veteran guard known for making plays and stepping up in the postseason.

The Lakers, meanwhile, got Andre Drummond -- a traditional-style big man who crashes the boards, protects the paint, and scores easy point sunder the rim.

And while both acquisitions were pretty good for their teams, the Drummond move may actually make the difference between the Purple and Gold winning or losing this Championship. In a segment on Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe made the case:

“Both guys are what the doctor ordered. But I’ll say Drummond, because he gives the Lakers size & strength and he can own the boards. He’s the difference in the Lakers winning or losing the title,” Sharpe said.

Drummond doesn't really fit the mold of what most teams look for in a modern-day center. Since Andre has no distance, he is seen as a liability on the offensive end.

But for the Lakers, his particular skill set is exactly what they need more of. He could really be the key to how they perform this season.

Ultimately, we'll just have to wait and see for ourselves what happens.