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Shannon Sharpe On The Lakers Losing Game 1: "Stars Need To Shine Bright, And The 2 Lakers Stars Did Not Shine Last Night. For The First Time, I Think The Pressure Got To Anthony Davis."

(via Lakers Daily)

(via Lakers Daily)

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to struggle to get their offense going. Their shooting woes were at full display during their tough Game 1 loss vs. the Portland Trail Blazers, shooting 5/32 from beyond the arc and 35.1% overall.

That's why Undisputed's Shannon Sharpe expressed his concerns for the Laker's shooting, especially considering the fact that homecourt advantage doesn't mean a thing in the Orlando bubble:

"I've been worried about them, I've been worried about their 3-point shooting. I get it, you're not at Staples, but when you have AD and LeBron and you're up 6, you've got to bring it home," Shannon said.

Sharpe went on to explain that even though the rest of the Lakers' team underperformed, both LeBron James and Anthony Davis struggled with his shot all-night-long and they should also be held accountable for the loss:

"That's what happened. The Lakers 2 stars - Stars need to shine bright, and the 2 Lakers stars did not shine last night and I know LeBron had a triple-double, had 23 points but it took him 20 shots to get those 23 points. AD had 28, it took him 24 shots to get those 28 points. And for the first time, I think the pressure bothered Anthony Davis. Because he was air-balling shots, a lot of his shots outside the paint weren't even close to going in. And that's concerning to me. AD misfired free-throws last night (...) he shoots 85%, " Sharpe concluded.

Danny Green missed 8 three-pointers and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope bricked 5 shots from beyond the arc but the team's stars must also step up when it matters most. They're two of the greatest players to ever live, so they must act like it.

Both Davis and James struggled from the start. Their body language was concerning, to say the least. They were dubious, and nervous from the start. Then again, they're talented enough to bounce back from this and there's still a lot of basketball to be played.