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Shannon Sharpe Praises The Brooklyn Nets About Not Accepting Any 'Low-Ball Offers' For Kevin Durant: "Guys Like That Don't Grow On California Tree. Guys Like That Come Along Once In A Generation, Once In Three Generations."

NBA Insider Thinks Kevin Durant's Ultimatum To Joe Tsai Has Backfired

From the day that Kevin Durant entered the NBA, he proved that he belonged in the biggest league in the world. Throughout his career in the league, he has only gotten better and now belongs in the conversation of one of the best players to ever play in the NBA.

So when a player of that caliber asks for a trade, it turns the league upside down. No one expected KD to take this decision right after signing a 4-year contract extension with the Brooklyn Nets. But it is what it is.

Speaking of Durant's trade request, the Slim Reaper is available to be traded, but the Nets are yet to accept a trade package for him. Most NBA teams see the Nets' demand for Durant as simply too much.

If any team decides to trade for him, it could completely ruin the said team's chemistry to fit Durant on the roster. While most are blaming the Nets for keeping the asking price for Durant way too high, NBA analyst Shannon Sharpe came forward in defense of the franchise.

He believes that KD is a generational talent. And accepting a low-ball offer for him is something that the Nets shouldn't do. Sharpe also talked about the Boston Celtics having come the closest to offering a good offer for Durant.

"At least we have something, at least the Nets countered their offer. ... The Nets are not gonna take no low offer, what do you mean? This is a house in Malibu, this is a house in Bel-Air, they're not gonna take no low-ball offer. You're not in the valley, you gonna pay premium price for a guy like that. Guys like that don't grow on California tree. Guys like that come along once in a generation, once in three generations."

Sharpe is absolutely correct about the fact that a talented player like Durant doesn't come to the league every year. He is a generational talent.

For a player of his ability, the Nets are right to expect a huge offer from any NBA franchise in the league. If the roles were reversed, any other franchise would have done the same thing as well.